P.B. Jams


P.B. Jams

300 NW 63rd 

OKC, OK. 73116


Ashley Jiron

Owner and Founder  

We're located right off Broadway Extension. You can easily get to us from any area. Here's a map, but if you get lost, just give us a call and we'll tell you how to get here. 

A quest for a better sandwich led founder, Ashley Jiron, to open her own sandwich shop. Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with the "gourmet" sandwich restaurants, Ashley decided to make her own sandwich and make it truly gourmet.  


After experimenting with a blend of different flavors, breads, meats, Ashley put together fabulous meaty and nutty sammies. But, not to leave out her vegetarian friends, Ashley was sure to include plenty of vegetarian options on her menu. 


After teaming up with Alyx, a previous employee and friend, the two perfected the menu and experienced great success with P.B. Jams.

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